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San in Wolf Dress The Princess Mononoke San in Wolf Dress

Tree Spirit (Kodoma)
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Tree Spirit (Kodoma)


Youkoso! This is my small work of dedication to the creator of the movie Mononoke Hime, Hayao Miyazaki. May there be many more works of art from this *amazing* animator and his production company, Studio Ghibli.

I would also like to thank profusely the web-community, without whom I wouldn't know as much as I do about the Ghibli anime. Possibly even huger thanks must go out to Michael Chin and his Princess Mononoke Image Gallery from which I have shamelessly sourced material for the desktops below (moshiwake-ari-masen!).

So, if any of the above named people/organizations want me to give further credit on these pages or sadly, wish their dismemberment (of the pages, not the ppl), I'll do it.

[Please don't confiscate my computer and whack me with a lawsuit - Atashi wa tanka daigaku no kenkyu sha de aru!]

On October 29th 1999, the movie "The Princess Mononoke" was released by Miramax, Disney in US theatres. Initially, it appears to be another cartoon for children spawned by the overseas Japanese animation industry. However, Mononoke is not your usual fare of anime - it possesses subtle themes examining the intricate balance that exists between humanity and the forces of nature, aswell as strength of spirit, belief, courage, dedication and commitment.
San's Ride to War It is not a film meant for young children as the movie aims to show the truth, with visceral images of the results of violence and hate, and the virtues of qualities like courage, determination, commitment and belief. It is a movie with a message for those who see it. Ashitaka & San
The Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) is said to be one of the greatest animated works ever made and was first released in Japan in 1997. Created and produced by Hayao Miyazaki, and distributed by Studio Ghibli, the film is an epic story set in the ancient feudal era of Japan that is beautifully told, both visually and vocally.
Lake of the Forest God
The stunning artistic backgrounds and animation required five highly qualified and experienced japanese art directors - and many of the 144,000 cels used in the animation process were personally checked and corrected by Miyazaki himself. Mononoke is also the first (and only) film made by Miyazaki that utilises computer graphics (CG) to enhance selected visual effects.
This movie also features a soundtrack of unusual beauty that is written by Joe Hisaishi and performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Delicate orchestral compositions and some traditional Japanese folk chants combine to form an audio complement of high quality that further enhances the experience that is "The Princess Mononoke".
Panoramic Landscape

Ashitaka & San: Faces
[ 17" - 1024x768 ]
[ 15" - 800x600 ]
Here's your chance to MAKE YOUR OWN Princess Mononoke Desktop! I've explored as many combinations as possible, and instead of choosing a few like I usually do I've made most of them available. To the left and right are two desktops of Ashitaka & San, that I didn't know where else to put... *_*
So! Just click your way thru like an ol' 'pick-a-path' paperback, and I hope you like your personal choice! Thankyou for coming, and for joining in on the creative process! ^_^ And for those of you who like to download everything, you can go HERE. Ashitaka & San: Choices
[ 17" - 1024x768 ]
[ 15" - 800x600 ]
Everything is currently in 800x600 / 15" and 1024x768 / 17" resolution.

Ready? OK, choose your background:

Deep Forest Fern Gully Tatara Ba Ashitaka's Vision
Deep Forest Fern Gully Tatara Ba Ashitaka's Vision

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